Conondale Magic

The long dry season has ended.  Creeks are flowing and the air is cool. This is perfect weather for climbing big hills, exploring thick forests, and getting wet feet.

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Bath Time

It’s taken two years and a couple of attempts but today Aaron and I finally made it to Dianas Bath.

Dianas Bath is a spectacular rock pool in the northern section of D’Aguilar National Park, fed by Byron …

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Review: Magellan Explorist 610

The good folks at Mitac Australia recently lent me a Magellan Explorist 610 for review. The 610 is described by Magellan as “a touch-screen product, with customisable hard buttons, a 3-axis compass and altimeter, camera to take geotagged photos and a micro SD card for an expandable memory of 32 GB”.

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Geocaching in Upper Caboolture

Here’s some pictures of our Geocaching …

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Rocking Horse Poo

Rocking Horse Poo. A Geocache in Petrie. So that’s what it looks like 🙂

We had fun finding a Geocache today entitled Rocking Horse Poo. Lilly and Sophie had fun and even picked some of the stuff up.

The imagination of Geocachers never ceases to amaze me!

If you’ve never tried Geocaching, our …

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We love Geocaching!

We love Geocaching! Originally uploaded by MagicTyger

We’ve had a great time today finding some geocaches in Toowoomba. Here’s a picture of us all relaxing after the third find of the day!

Camera in a Tree Stump

A year ago I hid a disposable camera in screw-top container in a tree stump in a local park, and left instructions on the internet for people to find the camera, take a picture of themselves, and put the camera back.

Yesterday I retrieved the camera and had the pictures developed. You can …

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