Why Ride a Mountain Bike?

Why do I ride a mountain bike?

I know this sounds crazy, but deciding where to ride is a spiritual experience for me.

It forces me to think about where I’d really like to go, which means I have to listen to my “inner voice”. I often feel like I’m being “drawn” towards a particular place, and I just go there. Perhaps the spiritual part of all of this is feeling a connection to the land, and responding to that connection.

The end result is I fall in love with most of the places I visit, and come home really happy.

Dunlop Lane
Some of the beautiful open eucalyptus forest that surrounds Dunlop Lane in Kurwongbah. As I’ve written before it’s an old road – blazed over 170 years ago, but unlike most old roads, it has retained its magic.

Looking over one of the gates on Dunlop Lane into the “Slickers” horse riding ranch. Lilly loves visiting here. So do I (but for different reasons!).
Lake Kurwongbah
Lake Kurwongbah as seen from one of the quiet tracks that lead off Scout Road in Kurwongbah. It’s amazing what you see when you follow a dirt track to see where it goes 🙂

Total distance: 49.36 km
Total climbing: 799 m
Average temperature: NAN
Total time: 05:39:02
Download file: activity_75087933.gpx
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