Tracing Train Tracks

Seidels Road Railway Crossing
Today’s adventure traced out a loop from Pine Mountain to Walloon following rail trails and railway lines for most of the way.

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Scenic Rim

Stenzel Road

It’s easy to understand why this place is called the “Scenic Rim”. It’s stunning. Justin and I spent the day out here exploring new trails that might form part of a future social ride.

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Walloon Walkabout

Bee and Thistle 1024

Today I walked a large 20km loop through the rural tracks around Walloon while Eric rode a larger 60km loop. We had no idea who would get back first.

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Deer Reserve

Mount McConnel

(Photo: Tony Ryan)

Deer Reserve is a rugged National Park and State Forest on the western shores of Lake Somerset near Kilcoy. Today we thought it would be fun to explore it.

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Walking to Maleny

Neil on Brandenburg Road 800

Today’s adventure involved a long train trip, followed by a long scenic walk up a steep hill to Maleny, followed by a hard-earned beer.

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Follow The Sun

Lake Samsonvale Sunset

When my friend Jason asked me if I knew of any places which offered good views of the setting sun, I knew exactly where to go.

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Fun in the Mountains

Susie Hike a Bike

I was stunned when sixty-eight riders turned up to take part in this year’s adventure through the Glasshouse Mountains.

Stunned, and worried, because I was unable to ride due to injury. I couldn’t even drive. So today I was a passenger, and relied heavily on my wonderful friends to help make this day

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Glasshouse Groundwork

Jason at Trig Hill

The annual Glasshouse Mountains Social Ride is quickly approaching, so a few of us decided to spend the day riding around the area to make sure we had the best route. Each time we’ve done this ride over the last few years we’ve always tried to improve the course. This sort

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