Three Gaps

Mount Castle
There are three rugged mountain passes south of Laidley that are quite close to each other. Today we tried to conquer all of them, and get back in time for lunch.


Mount Walker

Great Dividing Range

We were unsure about one or two sections on next week’s “Three Gaps” social ride, so today my friends kindly agreed to help me double check them. Just to keep us on our toes, I added an extra loop through Mount Walker.

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Mountain Top View

“I wonder what’s at the end of this valley?” “How far could I get if I follow that road?” Some weeks I gaze intently into a map and almost magically my friends and I are transported to that place several days later to answer my questions.

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Social Ride Invitation: “Three Gaps” XC Adventure

Laidley Gap

Would you like to join us for a moderately challenging Cross Country ride through three “Gaps” in mountain ranges in the Lockyer Valley, including the spectacular Laidley Gap?

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Rockside Mountain

Rocky Descent 800

I have amazing friends. When I told them about some rugged hilltop tracks than I wanted to explore, they gladly joined me for another adventure on the bike.

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Jason on Old Grandchester Road

We followed Allan Cunninghamn’s journey to the historic pass through the Great Dividing Range last week, and continued the theme today: exploring more of his travels in in a scenic loop west of Ipswich, over the Little Liverpool Range to Laidley and back again.

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Cunningham’s Campsite

Russel Crossing Creek

In 1828, the explorer Allan Cunningham travelled south-west from Moreton Bay in an attempt to find a route through the Great Dividing Range to the Darling Downs. Today we thought we’d visit one of his campsites, at the foot of the range, where he camped the day before he passed through what we

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Russel and the Steamers 800

When my friend Richard told me about the fun he had exploring the mountainous terrain around Mount Colliery, near Killarney, I couldn’t resist checking it out for myself.

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