A five hour Trek

Simon, Steve and I decided to combine two great off-road rides into one today.

First we rode along Browns Creek Road where my bike sunk in muddy water up to my axels and my feet got soaked. I’ve got into the habit of taking spare socks with me now, so the water isn’t so much of a hassle.

We came back along Smith’s Road and decided to detour down Dunlop Lane which appears to run through a horse riding ranch.

And finally we crossed the main road and ventured along some SEQ Water tracks near Lake Samsonvale, coming out at the McGavin View picnic area.

All up about 55km of MTB goodness, most of it off-road.

Young eucalypts close to the shoreline of Lake Samsonvale have been flooded by recent welcome rain….
Flooded Eucalypts by the Lake

An angry looking Brahman Bull looks at us as he protects his “girls”….
An angry Brahman Bull protects his "girls"

Me, my bike, and the Glasshouse Mountains….
Me, My Bike, and the Glass House Mountains

Simon and his new bike….
Simon and his new bike

Look carefully and you can see Moreton Island in the distance….
Looking East to Moreton Island

If you look carefully you can see some sailboats on the lake….
Sailboats on the Lake

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  1. Не знаю как остальным, а мне понравилось.
    (Tr: I do not know how the rest, but I liked it.)

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