Mt Nebo

Liz and I took the kids up to Mt Nebo this afternoon for walk through the rainforest and a bit of afternoon tea.

There’s something spiritually regenerating about walking through a forest. I feel like I’m “soaking up” the peace as one of the trees would soak up the rain. They seem to live at a different rate from us. Our lives come and go many times over while they’re still growing, reaching up to the sky and sighing in the breeze.

Strangler Fig (Ficus watkinsiana)
A majestic example of the strangler fig growing at Mt Nebo along the Boombana boardwalk.

This specimen is approximately 400 years old.

These trees begin life as vines, taking root in the crevices of other trees. They grow and slowly envelope the host tree, “strangling” it, and growing up to 50 metres in height.
Rainforest Canopy
The view above as we walked through the Boombana rainforest walk at Mt Nebo this afternoon.

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