Day 2 – Maleny to Kenilworth and Back

Darb Steep Descent

Yesterday I rode from home up the range to Maleny.

The aim of today’s adventure was to meet up with Darb, ride through Maleny National Park down to Kenilworth, then ride back up the range to Maleny. It sounded so simple

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Day 1 – Lawnton to Maleny

McCarthys Shute Road

I love the idea of setting forth from my front door on a multi-day trip. How far will I get? Where will I end up? Who will I meet? What will I see?

While it’s not in the same league as those epic adventures that last for weeks at a time, I …

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Mount Barney

Mount Barney

“What lottery did I win to be able to see places like this every week?” I muttered to myself as rolled down a quiet road with the huge peaks of Mount Barney soaring above me.

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Mount Hennessy

King Of The Hill

After making it half-way up the mountain last week, we felt compelled to come back to the end of the Black Duck Creek valley and complete a loop up to the top of the range and back down via Mount Hennessy. As usual, it was steeper, rougher and more spectacular than …

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Black Duck Creek

Old Cabin Glenrock State Forest

If you head south from Gatton towards the Queensland border, you’ll evnetually run into an imposing wall of mountains. The Great Dividing Range is difficult to cross here, except for a couple of hidden valleys. Today we visited Black Duck Creek and explored one of these secret pockets

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