Enoggera Reservoir

Enoggera Reservoir

After last weeks easy “stroll” on wheels, we wanted a more challenging ride which would also allow Darb and Russel to maximize their mileage in October as part of their fundraising efforts.  So we headed up into the D’Aguilar Range towards Enoggera Reservoir.

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Hays Inlet

Dry Swamp

Hays Inlet is a swampy wetland area on the south-west of the Redcliffe Peninsula.  Today we decided to see how our bikes would cope with its soft mudflats.

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Great Cycle Challenge 2016

Wild Horse Mountain

Darb wants to cycle over 1,100 km during the month of October to raise funds for cancer research. We decided to support him by starting the month with nice long ride through some of the vast plantations north of Brisbane.

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Wallaby Creek

Eric and Peter

“Where does that road go?”

I often ask that question while driving past interesting looking dirt tracks in the car.  Today we indulged our curiosity, and followed a creek up a mountain range.

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Return to Reedy Creek

Mount Byron Road

The last time we visited Reedy Creek we enjoyed it so much that we decided to return with more friends.

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Sandy Creek


Sandy Creek is a small tributary of the Brisbane River which flows down the Great Dividing Range from Benarkin. Today we decided to follow it up the range into the vast plantations at the top, then roll back down to our starting point.

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Obi Lookout

Curramore is a farming community on the northern edge of the Blackall Range near Maleny, overlooking the scenic valleys formed by the Mary River and Obi Obi Creek.  As with any ride which starts on a mountain we expected three things: good views, fun descents, then tough climbs back up the range afterwards.

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Point Cartwright

Point Cartwright

“Let’s keep it simple,” I suggested after last week’s epic group ride.

Today’s route was straightforward – up the beach to the Mooloola River, then back down again to Caloundra.

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