Jimna Timber and Gold

Lassi on Steep Descent

Todays social ride was the culmination of several weeks work exploring some of the wonderful trails around Jimna. The ride was in two halves with the morning loop exploring the Timber history of Jimna, and the afternoon loop exploring the Gold Mining history.

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Highland Holiday

Liz and Blackbutt Lookout 800

Liz and I recently took advantage of the Queens Birthday long-weekend to have a short holiday up in the mountains near the Border Ranges

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England Creek

Steep Powerline Track

I love riding with large groups of friends, and was delighted when thirty eager riders turned up at the top of Mount Glorious for a tough ride.

The “Super V” trail starts in mountainous terrain at the top of the D’Aguilar Range, running all the way down to England creek, before a gruelling …

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Harrys Hut Adventure

Jumping into the Noosa River

This weeks adventure was a group ride to Harrys Hut with about twenty friends.

Eric and I scoped out the route last week, making it easier for us to relax today, and enjoy this amazing ride

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Toowoomba to Brisbane

Eric has been planning an overnight ride from Toowoomba to Brisbane for the last six months.

I’ve ridden sections of the route with him before and joined a few of those courses together into one big route that he could do in a couple of …

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For the first ride of the year, my friend Dean invited Darb and me to ride with him on some of his favourite trails at Bayview Conservation Park in Redlands between Mount Cotton and Redland Bay.

I’m pretty used to riding off-road for half a …

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The Mango Run

There’s a remote mango tree by Lake Samsonvale that’s laden with fruit this time of year. Any mangoes that fall to the ground are scavenged by feral animals, so we thought we’d do the environment a favour and relieve this grand old tree of some …

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Becca’s Suicide Loop

Becca emailed me a couple of months ago…

“I was wondering if you could link the following up to make a rideable loop….”

Then she rattled off a list of improbable places all over South East Queensland ranging from Moggill (near Ipswich), to Mount Glorious, Samford …

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