Big Wet

Kids in the Rain

After recent heavy rain, creek beds which were bone dry for a couple of years are now flowing.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to revist some those creeks and enjoy the rare sight.

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Mount Binga

Wide Open Spaces

With few days remaining till I had to undergo major surgery, I decided to take the day off work and go for a big ride through wide-open spaces while I was still able.

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Mount Kilcoy

Darb on Mount Kilcoy Road 800

Starting in the quiet farming district of Mount Kilcoy, today’s adventure took us in a big loop up some steep hills into Conondale National Park, before a nice long roll down the mountain back to our starting point.

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Caloundra Epic

Stormwater Drain 800

My friend Wayne had been planning an overnight ride from Brisbane to Caloundra and back for a couple of months. After heavy rain during the days preceding the ride, he decided to cancel it. But we decided to “turn up” anyway and see what happened…

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Over The Rainbow

Paul on Rainbow Beach 800

During a family holiday at Rainbow Beach, I decided to enlist the help of a couple of riding buddies to see if we could complete a huge 100km ride along the beach before the tide washed us away.

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Rainbow Beach

Double Island Point Lighthouse 800

I’m currently exploring some of the amazing places around Rainbow Beach on the Cooloola Coast just south of Fraser Island.

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Head of the River

Western Branch Road

Unlike many rivers, the Brisbane River starts at a precise point. This 344 km long watercourse begins at the junction of the “Eastern Branch” and “Western Branch” at Mount Stanley. Today I wanted to stand on that exect spot where three rivers meet.

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Mount Seawah

Teewah is a small village by the sea in the sand dunes between Noosa and Rainbow Beach.

The aim of today’s adventure was to visit Teewah, exploring the natural beauty of “Noosa North Shore” and to see how far we could get up the beach before the tide stopped us

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