Two Lizzies

They’re both on the right side of 40 (you know WHICH side of 40 that is don’t you?).

They’re both unique.

They both have an elegance, class and beauty which seems to improve with time.

And I love them both.

Well in different ways of course.

The floating Lizzie won’t be with us for much longer. She finishes up in October. And I’ve never actually “met” her. But I do “watch” her a lot.

But the flesh and blood Lizzie? I’m hoping we both turn 100 together. She makes my life sweet.

What a woman.

By the way, I took the photo of “my” Lizzie a few months ago on our deck one afternoon over a bottle of wine.

I took the video of QE2 from a series of webcams as she made her last transit of the Panama Canal.


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